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Ever wondered how Facebook can help in growing your small business? Well, Facebook is the community where almost every type of audience is available. Facebook helps you in reaching to these audiences.

And most importantly, an affordable way to reach your customers and spread brand awareness and generate leads for your business. Facebook is the place where each person spends on an average 40mins of his 24hrs and what could be more better if can see your business in his most of the time?

Facebook Marketing is one the most efficient way to generate leads and spread awareness of your brand.

How can we help you in Facebook Advertising for business?

With the help of Facebook Advertising, you can reach to those customers who you can think are the potential customer for your business. You only show ads to those who are you think might be interested in.

We, at ThinkCode, can help you transform your business to the next level with the latest digital marketing strategies. We will help you in-

  • Generating higher Facebook engagement on organic and boosted posts
  • Increasing the Facebook engagement on organic posts
  • Increasing traffic the traffic to your website
  • Creating a strong returning customer base
  • Collecting data of your customer which includes their contact information
  • And most important, drive the conversion

What actually we do for Marketing Business on Facebook?

  • First, we make the complete analysis of your service/business and find the local competitors those are currently ahead of you.
  • Second, Track the audience reach, engagement, click through rate and conversions
  • Third, Create engaging social media content with posting and scheduling regular posts along with monitoring engagement and user interaction.
  • Fourth, managing the organic and paid campaign so that you can build the audience across the appropriate channels.
  • And Finally, a report from where you can analyze how it worked, the results of where you can plan for the next!

Facebook plays an important role while considering building relationship with people who have used your services and increase the chances of being longtime customers.

Facebook Ads are low-cost ads that can be targeted to the specific customers that you want to reach. This low cost can start from Rs. 100(excluding service charges) of your daily budget to the cost you are wishing to pay.  Facebook does not spend the entire daily budget. It searches for the right customer and makes sure that it can deliver the right content to the right people at the right time.

We, at ThinkCode, are having certified professionals who will create an advertisement for your business by keeping all the things in mind. Surely, focus on generating higher revenue with low investments.

Interested in Facebook Advertisement?

Reach Us

Thinkcode Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Sahajanand Nagar, Near Arjun Nagar Amravati Maharashtra, India – 444604

Facebook do have some advertising policies and community standards and we advertise according to them so that Facebook won’t ban you from advertising on Facebook.


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