6 Reasons To Use WordPress as a Content Management System

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  1. WordPress is free, open-source and well supported by core developers and a large community of knowledgeable and dedicated contributors.
  2. There’s a small learning curve to customizing themes and the admin dashboard .
  3. It’s easy to install and configure.
  4. Millions of companies and individuals already use it to publish content and manage their websites. About 60 million websites are powered by WordPress.
  5. It has seemingly endless extensibility with plugins, third-party services integrations and your ability to get your hands dirty customizing themes using template tags, hooks, filters, classes, etc. and even developing your own plugins.
  6. I hope I’ve convinced you why you should use WordPress if you are a front end developer looking for a Content Management System that’s very developer friendly, user friendly and extremely extensible, especially if you use it in the context it was meant for websites whose main focus is content publishing.

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