The content for breaking news is a thin content which is a downside for the SEO.

Assuming GoogleBot visits your site often enough so that breaking news is not old news, you need to do a good job with your sitemap.xml file.

Specifically, for the page with the breaking news, code the <lastmod> tag with the date of the most recent news.

You can also code the <changefreq> and <priority> tags, but don’t assume that if you say the page changes hourly that Google will come back hourly.

Apart from the above-mentioned things, Google daily maintains the trends in a separate database and keeps a tab on the latest published content on those topics in order to cover the content from the sites those are not or never indexed by it so far.

Here, “latest news” kind of words will not be considered by it as a keyword and semantic search will take place at here. This is the reason while we see some the breaking news results in Google, there will be many pages those are not yet indexed by Google too.

Apart from this kindly consider the following things.

  1. Submit your website on Google news (if the content is unique)
  2. Use Meta News Tag
  3. Improve your website social presence
  4. Make your news title catchy
  5. Share your news on social media platforms.
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