There really are countless “keyword tracking tools” in the market, but few are accurate. Infact most of them aren’t. You can really only use them as a general guide, because as you know, rankings fluctuate daily, you have personalized results, locale targeted results and so on.


  1. Rank Checker by SEO Book. This is a browser extension and allows you track keywords from your desktop. (This tool is usually very accurate) The only problem with this tool however is that Google will block you if you use it too heavily. We can track 10 primary keywords per client just to get a feel for how they’re performing at a quick glance.
  1. SEM Rush. This software allows you to see exactly

a) what keywords a site is performing for and

b) the URL tied in with that keyword.

This can be VERY useful for finding content marketing opportunities (reverse engineering). The only downside to this tool we have found so far is that

a) it doesn’t produce fancy looking keyword positioning reports (it just spits out an excel spreadsheet)

b) you can only set reporting to weekly (oddly enough) Outside of that, its my GO TO tool for all things keywords.

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