The Meta tag is the great way to provide information to search engines about sites. It is one of the important elements of SEO as well as good factor in keyword rankings. It is a good way for Google search console to provide search engines with information about their sites.

Importance of Meta Tag
Google’s goal is to be able to bold all keywords from the search query when they display the snippet. If you search for “keyword1 keyword2 keyword3” and your Meta description as all three keywords in it then Google will usually show the Meta description.

However, if all three keywords are not included in the Meta description then Google will typically “construct” a snippet by finding sentence fragments from the content on that page. When this happens you’ll see ellipses used in the snippet like “this is a sentence fragment containing keyword1. another fragment containing keyword2. yet another fragment containing keyword3.

It is impossible to force Google to always show your Meta description as the snippet. At best, you can maximize the number of times it is shown by including keywords most often used to find the URL in the SERPs.
In other words, if your site is well optimized, then the should contain the keywords that drive the most traffic. By using ALL keywords from in the Meta description, you can increase the likelihood that your Meta description is shown as the snippet. It is good practice to use different Meta description tag for each and every page.

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