We are gathering some research on how professionals in the SEO community do reporting.

There are two types of SEO Reporting.

1. Monthly Reporting

2. MIS Reporting

Monthly Reporting : Check things which you want to include in your SEO Report like (Monthly Visit , Monthly Page View, Monthly New Visit) and put your analytic desktop screen shot on it.After you require comparison between previous month or next month so take a screen shot and past it on your report now how many link index by google of your website right down it and take a screen shot now final stage of keyword ranking position then see the keyword ranking and put these on your report. These are the enough information which client want.

MIS Reporting : If you are working for a client since 2 years and client want a report of two years performance then you can use comparison report which we called in digital language MIS Report.
Apart from this we can use custom reporting within Google Analytic (dashboards) and it is much better.You can show clients conversion rates, traffic referrals, revenue etc.

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