Facebook is now one of the platforms where you get served depending on your interest. It’s the community of 2.6 Million Users who are online every day. Users discover a new thing each day on Facebook. They share, comment and like the things which attract them.

Facebook gives exposure to the brands and avails more options to reach an extra audience as well as more targeting options.


Why should you advertise on Facebook?

Facebook is highly popular marketing channel; As Facebook is one of the most effective paid advertising channels. Facebook helps to get new leads and turn them into your customers.

Facebook Ads works both for B2C and B2B Companies and they have 5X more marketing results after advertising on Facebook.

What do you need to advertise on Facebook?

For Advertising on Facebook, you don’t need to have only a giant business. If you have a small business or your business is budding up, Facebook is the best place to advertise your business.

You can even spend only Rs.100 and reach to at least 200+ users on Facebook.

One of the best things about Facebook Advertising is, you can reach to those audiences that you think will be interested in your business. For eg., If you are selling Baby Products, then you can show your Ad to the only users who are parents of a baby. If we go with traditional marketing, like distributing pamphlets you don’t have any idea that to which people you have distributed those pamphlets and how many of them really paid attention to it.

But in case of Facebook Marketing, you can analyze the campaign and build the next strategy accordingly.

Facebook Ads are not only containing Images, you can also add a video of your ads, carousel, slideshow, a product catalog. By creating an ad on Facebook, you can also display it on Instagram, Messenger and other App Family of Facebook.

Facebook gives you privilege to select the campaign that you want to create, depending upon the objective of your ad campaign. For eg, if you want people to sign up for one day workshop on “Learn how to grow your business strategies by Mr. XYZ”, you can create an ad campaign that let people sign up for your workshop.

And you know the interesting thing? You can do all this just by having a simple Facebook Business Page. You don’t need to have a business website for advertising, but it is a good idea to have your business website as it helps to people learns more about your business.

Why Facebook Ad In Amravati and Why are we best?

For Facebook Ad In Amravati, there are almost 2, 00,000+ Facebook users and if you can reach 3000-10000 users daily. Can you imagine among them, if 50% of them reach to you, how much your sell can increase??

Take the advantage of this Facebook Ads Feature and increase your sell, reach an extra audience and target those who can purchase your product or services. If you opt for Facebook Ad in Amravati, you will definitely get several benefits from it.

We, The ThinkCode Team, with our wide experience in online marketing and Certified Members can help you to promote your business to the next level.

We have delivered several Facebook Ads to our clients. They have gain 2x more clients for their business with Facebook Advertising.


With Facebook, you can deliver the right content to the right people at the right time. You choose your target audience and Facebook shows ads to only those. You can Advertise with as few as Rs.50 for one trail.

So, why don’t give a try?  

For Facebook Marketing Strategy for your business:

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